I feel so happy to say that Sam Cook is now a #keepitsmilefulathlete! Sam represents so perfectly a lot of the values I started this whole initiative for… She is a warrior, on and off the mats she is able to fight for her dreams as much as she is able to fight for a gold medal in any tournament.

Gosh! She is strong as hell even when she is not, because she keeps trying it even when things get difficult. I admire her smile, because every smile means that she trusted herself enough to step forward again. Her career is based on her passion and love for the sport and she is brave enough to not to give up on it, to every challenge the answer is always YES!

What I see through my lenses when I am taking pictures of Sam “Smiling Assassin” Cook is her inspiring courage, her will to keep going, to breathing, smiling and walking level headed to every single challenge. I see her pride when she is representing her country, her love for the ones -#TeamCook and specially ONE- who are always by her side ready to support her in every victory or defeat. If you are not following her yet… Do it now on her instagram account:  @samanthacookbjj.

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