I always wanted this website to be a window to the light, love, passion and dedication I have the privilege to enjoying and witnessing every day through my lenses. In other words, a window to show the #StateOfSoul in each instant. I am grateful for having found so many amazing models in my career, so many shy, grateful, in love, proud, upset, beautiful, happy, honored, dedicated, brave, passionated, sad, strong, humble, funny, angry, scared ones among the #BJJ athletes…


I would love to bring the chance to some of those athletes to have their own space where to show their own #StateOfSoul when they train, when they teach, when the get ready for the battle, when they compete, when they win and, why not… when they lose. It’s been very difficult to choose among so many AWESOME people I found along the path, among so many FRIENDS and supporters of my #keepitsmileful craziness.


I want to introduce you to the first #Keepitsmilefulathletes:


Yasmine Wilson (Black Belt)

Samantha Cook (Black Belt)

Fiona Middleton (Blue Belt)



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